Getting around in Helsinki Region

Public transportation in Helsinki Region

The public transportation in Helsinki Region (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen) is run by Helsinki Region Transport (HSL). On HSL’s website you can find much useful information (f. ex. Journey Planner). It is recommended to download the HSL app during your stay in Helsinki. HSL’s website is:

Download the HSL app from here:

Below we have gathered some basic information from HSL about travelling by public transportation in the Helsinki Region.

Tickets and fares

The fare varies according to the type of ticket and the travel area.
The ticket apply for tram also.
Notice that when traveling from/to the airport the area option Regional ticket needs to be selected

Ticket options

Regional ticket

Via Hsl app   4,20€
From a bus   5,50€
From a ticket machine   5,00€
Train tickets need to be bought before entering the train from a ticket machine
Two-zone ticket for 3 days costs 28€ (Includes airport area and unlimited use of public transport)

Helsinki area ticket

Via HSL app   2,20€
From a bus   3,20€
From a ticket machine   2,90€

Day tickets

Helsinki internal and regional day tickets are available from blue ticket machines. With the HSL app, you can buy day tickets for 1-7 days for all HSL travel zones (internal, regional, extended region 2, extended region 3) and all HSL’s modes of transport. Helsinki internal and regional one day tickets are available also from bus drivers.

One day tickets are valid for 24 hours, two day tickets for 48 hours, etc.

1 day 14,00€
2 days 21,00€
3 days 28,00€
4 days 35,00€
5 days 42,00€
6 days 49,00€

7 days 56,00€

Timetables and routes

You can find all the timetables and routes in the HSL app. You can also use the browser version:


TaksiHelsinki provides services in the Helsinki Region (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen)
You can book a taxi from the number 0100 0700.
At the Airport you will find TaksiHelsinki’s taxis at the Taxi waiting zone queue 3.

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